School Song Class/Category Approx perf Time
Henry Sibley AAA B Squad Kick 9:30
Buffalo Crowd Pleaser AAA Varsity Kick 9:35
Tartan Circle of Life AAA B-Squad Kick 9:40
Duluth East Fire and Ice AAA Varsity Kick 9:45
Centennial Let’s Get Loud AAA JV Kick 9:50
Elk River Batter Up AAA Varsiy Kick 9:55
Henry Sibley We Own the Night AAA JV Kick 10:00
Irondale Workin’ Girls AAA Varsity Kick 10:05
Osseo Fly Me to the Moon AAA JV Kick 10:10
Tartan Indiana Jones AAA Varsity Kick 10:15
St Michael-Albertville Glam AAA JV Kick 10:20
Park Space Jam AAA Varsity Kick 10:25
Irondale Skeletons AAA JV Kick 10:30
Woodbury Feeling Good AAA Varsity Kick 10:35
Park Cars AAA JV Kick 10:40
Centennial On the Floor AAA Varsity Kick 10:45
Osseo Tell Me You Love Me AAA Varsity Kick 10:50
Henry Sibley Tessa AAA Varsity Kick 10:55
St Michael-Albertville That’s My Girl AAA Varsity Kick 11:00
Break 11:05
BREAK 11:10
BREAK 11:15
Centennial Helium AAA B Squad Jazz 11:20
Park Chasing Cars AAA Varsity Jazz 11:25
Henry Sibley False Alarm AAA B Squad Jazz 11:30
Buffalo You Say AAA Varsity Jazz 11:35
Osseo Respect AAA B Squad Jazz 11:40
Elk River I Can Only Imagine AAA Varsiy Jazz 11:45
Tartan No Excuses AAA B Squad Jazz 11:50
Woodbury Skyfall AAA Varsity Jazz 11:55
Henry Sibley Breath of Life AAA JV Jazz 12:00
St Michael-Albertville Tonight AAA Varsity Jazz 12:05
Irondale Until the Levy AAA JV Jazz 12:10
Duluth East Half Light AAA Varsity Jazz 12:15
Centennial Home AAA JV Jazz 12:20
Tartan Who You Are AAA JV Jazz 12:25
Osseo Clearly AAA JV Jazz 12:30
Henry Sibley Until We Go Down AAA Varsity Jazz 12:35
Buffalo Star Wars AAA JV Jazz 12:40
Irondale Hometown Glory AAA Varsity Jazz 12:45
Woodbury Let ’em Say AAA JV Jazz 12:50
Tartan & Burn AAA Varsity Jazz 12:55
Park Heads wil roll AAA JV Jazz 1:00
Osseo Impossible AAA Varsity Jazz 1:05
Duluth East I Would Die For You AAA JV Jazz 1:10
Centennial Tiny Dancer AAA Varsity Jazz 1:15
Elk River Ashes AAA JV Jazz 1:20
St Michael-Albertville I am Here AAA JV Jazz 1:25
Lunch: Judges 1:30
DanceXcel You’ve Got a Friend in Me 1:35
Stand By Me 1:38
UMD Dance Team Carry You 1:41
Awards 1:50
2nd Addition
School Song Class/Category Approx perf Time
Kasson-Mantorville AA B Squad Kick 2:30
Zimmerman Breath of Life AA Varsity Kick 2:35
South St Paul Like Candy AA B Squad Kick 2:40
Kasson-Mantorville Rio AA Varsity Kick 2:45
Zumbrota-Mazeppa Play that Sax A JV Kick 2:50
Mayer Lutheran Hairspray AA Varsity Kick 2:55
Kasson-Mantorville High Hopes AA JV Kick 3:00
Richfield Lost in Space A Varsity Kick 3:05
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Earthquake A JV Kick 3:10
Zumbrota-Mazeppa Broadway A Varsity Kick 3:15
New London-Spicer The Greatest Showman A JV Kick 3:20
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City Firefighter Anthem A Varsity Kick 3:25
Richfield Lost in Space A JV Kick 3:30
Break 3:35
Break 3:40
Break 3:45
Break 3:50
South St Paul No More Tears To Cry AA JV Jazz 3:55
Mayer Lutheran No More AA Varsity Jazz 4:00
Kasson-Mantorville AA B Squad Jazz 4:05
Zimmerman Natural AA Varsity Jazz 4:10
Mayer Lutheran Faith AA JV Jazz 4:15
Kasson-Mantorville Bad Man AA Varsity Jazz 4:20
New London Spicer Unbreakable A JV Jazz 4:25
Richfield Superstes A Varsity Jazz 4:30
Kasson-Mantorville Run Boy Run AA JV Jazz 4:35
New London Spicer Never Tear Us Apart A Varsity Jazz 4:40
Zumbrota-Mazeppa Pretty Little Liars A JV Jazz 4:45
Richfield Beautiful Day A JV Jazz 4:50
Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City- This is Me A JV Jazz 4:55
Zumbrota-Mazeppa Tiny Dancer A Varsity Jazz 5:00
Kasson-Mantorville Better When I’m Dancing Exhibition: Performance Team 5:05
Awards 5:15

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