9:00 am Tickets go on sale and doors open

9:25 am AAA Welcome and National Anthem

9:30 am AAA Kick Begins

10:55 am Break

11:10 am AAA Jazz Begins

1:25 pm AAA Awards

1:30 pm Lunch Break

1:55 pm A/AA Welcome

2:00 pm A/AA Kick Begins

3:45 pm Break

4:00 pm A/AA Jazz Begins

5:20 pm Break

5:35 pm A/AA Jazz Resumes

6:50 pm A/AA Awards

HSDT Invite AAA Division
School Song Class/Category Approx perf Time
Irondale Pump It AAA B Squad Kick 9:30
Hopkins Let’s Rock AAA JV Kick 9:35
Henry Sibley Girls’ Night Out AAA B Squad Kick 9:40
Centennial International Love AAA JV Kick 9:45
Duluth East Make It Rain AAA Varsity Kick 9:50
Osseo Can You Hear Me Now? AAA JV Kick 9:55
Park Beautiful Bizzare AAA Varsity Kick 10:00
Henry Sibley Whistle While You Work AAA JV Kick 10:05
Irondale Cops and Robbers AAA Varsity Kick 10:10
Park Freaks AAA JV Kick 10:15
Woodbury Check On It AAA Varsity Kick 10:20
Irondale Sugar AAA JV Kick 10:25
Osseo Step By Step AAA Varsity Kick 10:30
Hopkins Shake AAA Varsity Kick 10:35
Centennial My Girl AAA Varsity Kick 10:40
Henry Sibley Cat In The Hat AAA Varsity Kick 10:45
Coon Rapids Harry Potter Mix AAA Varsity Kick 10:50
Break BREAK 10:55
BREAK 11:00
BREAK 11:05
Osseo Oo La La AAA B Squad Jazz 11:10
Coon Rapids The Fire AAA JV Jazz 11:15
Centennial Firework AAA B Squad Jazz 11:20
Irondale Thumbs AAA JV Jazz 11:25
Henry Sibley Electric Church AAA B Squad Jazz 11:30
Osseo Fire And Gold AAA JV Jazz 11:35
Irondale James Dean AAA B Squad Jazz 11:40
Henry Sibley Came Here For Love AAA JV Jazz 11:45
Hopkins Army AAA B Squad Jazz 11:50
Centennial Landslide AAA JV Jazz 11:55
Woodbury New York AAA Varsity Jazz 12:00
Hopkins Castle AAA JV Jazz 12:05
Park The Moment I Said It AAA Varsity Jazz 12:10
Duluth East What I Did For Love AAA JV Jazz 12:15
Centennial Roll Away Your Stone AAA Varsity Jazz 12:20
Park Breath Of Life AAA JV Jazz 12:25
Duluth East Sweet Dreams AAA Varsity Jazz 12:30
Osseo Thunder AAA Varsity Jazz 12:35
Irondale Do You Remember AAA Varsity Jazz 12:40
Henry Sibley Olvidame AAA Varsity Jazz 12:45
Coon Rapids Wild Horses AAA Varsity Jazz 12:50
Hopkins Game of Survival AAA Varsity Jazz 12:55
Class A & AA
School Song Class/Category Approx perf Time
Simley Uptown Funk AA B Squad Kick 2:00
New London-Spicer 80’s Mix A JV KICK 2:05
Kasson-Mantorville Thunderstruck AA B Squad Kick 2:10
St. Croix Prep Heaven A JV KICK 2:15
New London-Spicer Boot Camp A Varsity Kick 2:20
Kasson-Mantorville We Can’t Stop AA JV KICK 2:25
PACT Charter Cinderella A Varsity Kick 2:30
Fridley Candy Shop AA JV KICK 2:35
Richfield Clocks A Varsity Kick 2:40
South St. Paul How Far I’ll Go AA JV KICK 2:45
Hill-Murray Here We Go AA Varsity Kick 2:50
Faribault Road Trip AA JV KICK 2:55
Columbia Heights Gaga AA Varsity Kick 3:00
Mayer Luthern Watertown  Sound of Music AA Varsity Kick 3:05
Faribault Let’s Dance AA Varsity Kick 3:10
Simley As Seen On TV AA Varsity Kick 3:15
Robbinsdale Cooper Hey Mama AA Varsity Kick 3:20
Kasson-Mantorville Gaga AA Varsity Kick 3:25
Fridley Willie Wonka AA Varsity Kick 3:30
Zimmerman Live Like Legends AA Varsity Kick 3:35
BREAK 3:40
Break BREAK 3:45
BREAK 3:50
South St. Paul Queen Bee AA B Squad Jazz 3:55
Richfield Fire In My Soul A JV Jazz 4:00
Kasson-Mantorville Bird Set Free AA B Squad Jazz 4:05
St. Croix Prep Breath Of Life A JV Jazz 4:10
Simley Un, Dos, Tres AA B Squad Jazz 4:15
New London-Spicer Listen To Your Heart A JV Jazz 4:20
Fridley Say AA B Squad Jazz 4:25
South St. Paul Hold My Hand AA JV Jazz 4:30
PACT Charter With You A Varsity Jazz 4:35
Richfield Fire A Varsity Jazz 4:40
Fridley River AA JV Jazz 4:45
New London-Spicer Way Down We Go A Varsity Jazz 4:50
Kasson-Mantorville Hard Love AA JV Jazz 4:55
Columbia Heights Conga AA Varsity Jazz 5:00
Simley I Choose You AA JV Jazz 5:05
BREAK 5:10
BREAK 5:15
BREAK 5:20
Mayer Lutheran Watertown Heaven Is A Place On Earth AA Varsity Jazz 5:25
Robbinsdale Cooper Mickey AA JV Jazz 5:30
Kasson-Mantorville Don’t You Cry For Me AA Varsity Jazz 5:35
Faribault WEPA AA JV Jazz 5:40
Fridley Rise Up AA Varsity Jazz 5:45
Mayer Lutheran Watertown Invincible AA JV Jazz 5:50
Robbinsdale Cooper Control AA Varsity Jazz 5:55
Faribault There Will Be Time AA Varsity Jazz 6:00
Zimmerman Crossfire AA Varsity Jazz 6:05
Simley Ready Or Not AA Varsity Jazz 6:10
Kasson-Mantorvile Rise Up Exhibition 6:15

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