Schedule of the Day 2018


Tickets on Sale: 10:00

Doors open: 10:15

Coaches Meeting 10:30

National Anthem: 10:50

Mini Starettes Performance 10:55

Competition Begins

Kick Competition 11:00

*Judges switch sides STMA JFK 7 Performances

Jazz Competition 1:45

Tabulation (Monticello Guy/Girl Performance & Senior                                 Recognition)

Awards at 4:40

National Anthem


Starettes Mini-Clinic Performance


11:00 Kick Competition Begins

Team                                                                     Division                                Time                      Side

Moorehead Varsity                                         Kick                                       11:00                     A

Albany JV                                                             JV Kick                                   11:05                     B

Melrose Varsity                                                 Kick                                        11:10                     A

Pequot Lakes JV                                                JV Kick                                   11:15                     B

Big Lake Varsity                                                 Kick                                        11:20                     A

Alexandria JV                                                     JV Kick                                   11:25                     B

Bemidji Varsity                                                  Kick                                        11:30                     A

Becker JV                                                             JV Kick                                   11:35                     B

Monticello Varsity                                           Kick                                       11:40                     A

Foley JV                                                                JV Kick                                   11:45                     B

Tartan Varsity                                                    Kick                                        11:50                     A

**Judges Switch Sides**

Hill Murray Varsity                                           Kick                                        12:05                     A

St. Paul Academy Varsity                              Kick                                        12:10                     B

Melrose Gold                                                     JV Kick                                   12:15                     A

Albany  Varsity                                                  Kick                                        12:20                     B

Monticello JV                                                     JV Kick                                   12:25                     A

Pequot Lakes Varsity                                      Kick                                        12:30                     B

Tartan JV                                                             JV Kick                                   12:35                     A

Alexandria Varsity                                            Kick                                        12:40                     B

Big Lake JV                                                          JV Kick                                   12:45                     A

Becker Varsity                                                   Kick                                        12:50                     B

Melrose Purple                                                 JV Kick                                   12:55                     A

Foley Varsity                                                      Kick                                        1:00                        B

Moorehead JV                                                  JV Kick                                   1:05                        A

North Branch Varsity                                      Kick                                        1:10                        B


STMA JFK Performances

1:45 Jazz Competition Begins

Team                                                                                     Division                                Time                      Side

Albany B-Squad                                                                JV Jazz                                   1:45                        B

Bemidji Varsity                                                                  Jazz                                        1:50                        A

Pequot Lakes JV                                                                JV Jazz                                   1:55                        B

Moorehead Varsity                                                         Jazz                                        2:00                        A

Alexandria JV                                                                     JV Jazz                                   2:05                        B

Monticello Varsity                                                            Jazz                                        2:10                        A

Becker JV                                                                             JV Jazz                                   2:15                        B

Big Lake Varsity                                                                 Jazz                                        2:20                        A

Albany JV                                                                             JV Jazz                                   2:25                        B

Tartan Varsity                                                                    Jazz                                       2:30                        A

North Branch JV                                                                JV Jazz                                   2:35                        B

Melrose Varsity                                                                 Jazz                                        2:40                        A

**Judges Switch Sides**

Monticello JV                                                                     JV Jazz                                   2:55                        A

Pequot Lakes Varsity                                                      Jazz                                       3:00                        B

Melrose JV Purple                                                            JV Jazz                                   3:05                        A

Alexandria Varsity                                                            Jazz                                        3:10                        B

Big Lake JV                                                                          JV Jazz                                   3:15                        A

Albany Varsity                                                                   Jazz                                        3:20                        B

Bemidji JV                                                                           JV Jazz                                   3:25                        A

Becker Varsity                                                                   Jazz                                       3:30                        B

Tartan B-Squad                                                                 JV Jazz                                   3:35                        A

Foley Varsity                                                                      Jazz                                        3:40                        B

Melrose JV Gold                                                               JV Jazz                                   3:45                        A

North Branch Varsity                                                      Jazz                                        3:50                        B

Moorehead JV                                                                  JV Jazz                                   3:55                        A

St. Paul Academy Varsity                                              Jazz                                        4:00                        B

Tartan JV                                                                             JV Jazz                                   4:05                        A

Monticello Guy/Girl Performance & Senior Recognition

Awards                 4:40




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