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Erin is a 16 year veteran dance team coach in Minnesota. A 3 time MADT coach of the year (2009, 2010, 2014) and winner of 2 state championships in high kick with the Cannon Falls Bomber Dance Team. In high school Erin danced for Winona and Apple Valley high schools. Erin is a nationally known blogger, writing for the Radio City Rockettes and a Hollywood movie among other projects. Erin also teaches on a freelance contractor basis for many MN high school teams and can be contacted for date/time availability at mnhsdanceteam@gmail.com

News and Notes – First Snows of Winter are Here!

snowshoesFor many Minnesota dance fans, today was our wake-up to the first snows of winter season.  After a quick glance at the calendar I see we have only 8 short days before the first meets get underway and dance team is back.  8 days!  Unbelievable.  As your meets approach, just a friendly reminder that I don’t know what you don’t tell me.  If you have a schedule, order of performance, results, or anything else I need to know about an upcoming meet send it on in to mnhsdanceteam@gmail.com  and I’ll post it.  If you don’t see something up, then I don’t have it.  I’d rather get doubles than nothing at all.  I take typed up, PDF, excel, and even phone pictures of whatever you’ve got to share.  I look forward to hearing your results and schedules!  Keep an eye out for more dynamic, sortable results tables with more information this year.  As dance team is “growing up” (as MADT board member and coach Allison Bridges would say) we are going to start reporting, sharing, and gathering stats in a more open and transparent fashion.  I’m excited to see us all move another step forward this year.  If you’re looking for pre-meet information, click on any of the pink headers on the main schedule page.


Here’s what else has been going on around the state:

Miss Dance Team Minnesota:  Miss DTMN took place at Eastview High School on October 27th, naming Katie Segnar from Benilde-St.Margarets as this year’s representative for Minnesota.  There were several divisions of competition including 11th grade, Miss DT, and duets.  If you’re looking for more ways to be involved in dance team – be sure to check out next fall’s competition.


MADT Student Leadership Convention:  The coaches association hosted dancers from the University of Minnesota and St. Thomas as guest instructors for hundreds of dance team members from across the state at Chaska High School on November 2nd.  The annual student convention brings together teams in a non-competitive learning environment and is fast becoming a highlight of the year for students who make the trip.


MADT Semi-Annual Meeting:  The coaches’ association had it’s semi-annual meeting at Chaska during the student convention, keeping up the strong state-wide attendance in this association.  Many of the possible rules changes in the sport start out in the MADT meetings, so attending the meetings can have a big impact for coaches statewide.  Next spring’s meeting details are already set on the MADT website.  In addition, regional meetings for section 2A, 1AAA, and 3AAA all met to discuss the details about the upcoming “super section” meet being held at Bloomington Kennedy on weekend 2 of sections.  I’m really excited to see how that all works out.  I’ll be there ALL day, not missing that triple header!

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