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Erin is a 16 year veteran dance team coach in Minnesota. A 3 time MADT coach of the year (2009, 2010, 2014) and winner of 2 state championships in high kick with the Cannon Falls Bomber Dance Team. In high school Erin danced for Winona and Apple Valley high schools. Erin is a nationally known blogger, writing for the Radio City Rockettes and a Hollywood movie among other projects. Erin also teaches on a freelance contractor basis for many MN high school teams and can be contacted for date/time availability at mnhsdanceteam@gmail.com

Sections 2015-17 Release Recap

If you haven’t been online in a few hours, then pop on over to mshsl.org to see the new section assignments that the league has put out for the next 2 seasons.  Lots of highlights to go over here:


  • First off, you’ll notice we don’t have separate assignments for kick and jazz anymore.  Teams are just assigned as dance teams or so it would seem.  We’re more equally divided by 3rds as the original intent seems to be.
  • If you look at the enrollment numbers, you’ll see its not exactly how things worked out in sections.  This is often because of co-ops (with 80% being counted) and opt-downs for more than 50% reduced lunch.  So its not always easy to see why someone got to do something “against the numbers”.  Most of the time, it’s not up to the dance teams where they go  — its an administrative process, so please keep that in mind.



  • Section 1A:  Kenyon Wanamingo, and Waterville EM are out, moved to section 2A.  St. Croix Lutheran goes to AA after they can no longer register for just jazz.
  • Section 2A: Cannon Falls joins the class A show again, this time in section 2. Richfield will also drop down from AA to A, and joins section 2.  Kenyon and Waterville come in from section 1, GFW and New Ulm Cathedral move over to section 3A.  Rockford (defending jazz champ) moved to AA with a few other “just jazz” teams.  Lots of changes here but hopefully balance in numbers will return to this group.
  • Section 3A:  New Ulm Cathedral and GFW join in, sending Belgrade BE and Paynesville to section 4.  Wabasso stopped their registration and aren’t signed up for a team after several no-show years.  New London Spicer comes back to class A after spending a few cycles in AA.
  • Section 4A:  BBE and Paynesville jump in to section 4, and Hawley (UCB) is now in AA after their co-op.
  • Section 1AA: Lots of teams bumped out of here, including Cannon Falls, Minneapolis Washburn, New Prague (AAA), Richfield (A).  Then Hill Murray, St. Croix Lutheran (A), and Faribault (AAA) come in.
  • Section 2AA:  Becker and Hill Murray jumped out, Robbinsdale Cooper comes down from AAA and Minneapolis Edison is in here too, after being a no-show class A team the last 2 years.
  • Section 3AA:  This group has only one change, picking up Rockford from class A.
  • Section 4AA: New London Spicer moved to A, Becker and Hawley (UCB) are in.
  • Section 1AAA:  Faribault went back to class AA, and New Prague came up.  Bloomington schools moved over from section 2AAA.
  • Section 2AAA: Bloomington left for 1AAA and Minneapolis South went to section 3.  Cooper went down to AA, but Minneapolis Washburn and Champlin Park came in.  Champlin should be a notable addition to this group.
  • Section 3AAA:  Minneapolis South came in and double section champ Forest Lake went out to section 4.  Should change things up a lot for this group.
  • Section 4AAA:  Champlin Park heads to section 2 and Forest Lake will be coming in.


Whew!  Lots happened and there will probably be a few more moves as new teams add (Sauk Center might get a new class A team?) and corrections happen.  Stay tuned, and happy homecoming to your new sections to those of you that moved!

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