Zumbrota-Mazeppa Dance Invitational 2018

Schedule of the Day

11:15 am                Doors Open to the Public

                               Cost is $6 for adults $4 for students

11:55 am                Welcome

*Introduction of Judges

*National Anthem

Noon                      Jazz

2:00 – 2:35 pm      Intermission

2:40 – 5:00 pm      High Kick

5:00 pm                 End High Kick / Parent Night Thank you

5:30 pm                  Awards Ceremony


Order of Performance:

Jazz Side High Kick Side
Houston (JV) B St. Charles (JV – Black) B
Richfield (V) A Plainview/Elgin/Millville (V) A
Lewiston-Altura (JV) B Cannon Falls (JV) B
Triton (V) A Hayfield (V) A
St. Charles (JV – Black) B Albert Lea (JV) B
Dover-Eyota (V) A Richfield (V) A
Richfield (JV) B Zumbrota/Mazeppa (JV) B
Cannon Falls (V) A Dover/Eyota (V) A
Albert Lea (JV) B Triton (JV) B
Byron (V) A Lewiston/Altura (V) A
Triton (JV) B Rushford/Peterson (JV) B
Lewiston/Altura (V) A Chatfield (V) A
Plainview/Elgin/Millville (JV) B Dover/Eyota (JV) B
Albert Lea (V) A St. Charles (V) A
St. Charles (JV – Orange) B Hayfield (JV) B
Houston (A) A Rushford/Peterson (V) A
Byron (JV) B Plainview/Elgin/Millville (JV) B
Rushford/Peterson (V) A Cannon Falls (V) A
Zumbrota/Mazeppa (JV) B Goodhue (JV) B
Plainview/Elgin/Millville (V) A Triton (V) A
Cannon Falls (JV) B St. Charles (JV – Orange) B
St. Charles (V) A Zumbrota/Mazeppa (V) A
Dovery/Eyota (JV) B Richfield (JV) B
Zumbrota/Mazeppa (V) A Albert Lea (V) A
Rushford/Peterson (JV) B Chatfield (JV) B
    Goodhue (V) A

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