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Erin is a 17 year veteran dance team coach in Minnesota. A 3 time MADT coach of the year (2009, 2010, 2014) and winner of 2 state championships in high kick with the Cannon Falls Bomber Dance Team. In high school Erin danced for Winona and Apple Valley high schools. Erin is a nationally known blogger, writing for the Radio City Rockettes and a Hollywood movie among other projects. Erin also teaches on a freelance contractor basis for many MN high school teams and can be contacted for date/time availability at mnhsdanceteam@gmail.com


GTM Sportswear Makes a Splash with Sequin Warm-ups for Dance Team

                Recently I got a chance to sit down with the new representative for GTM Sportswear in Minnesota, Jessica Housh, to talk about what is new and trendy in the world of team gear and warm-ups.  Jessica also kindly volunteered to be my model and take pictures of some of the demo items in detail so you can see something not found in the GTM catalog. 
                If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the GTM online store, (link) it’s really a cool place to dream and work on designing a warm-up or team gear.  I was surprised to find out that GTM had no minimum, rather just a discount for larger quantities.  (Nice bonus for small teams or for coach only gear)   Jessica also informed me that GTM manufactures all the tops, jackets, and gear on-site – so they have exclusive products and don’t have to wait on a third party to manufacture their clothing, everything is ready and controlled right there in Manhattan Kansas.  On to the pictures!
                First off, I really liked the newest warm-up jacket – Passion – since it is a sleek shape and made with the same foil look tricot that many of the costumes today are created with.  It was really a professional look for fall sidelines or for wearing to awards ceremonies in the winter – no baggy sweats look.  This jacket pictured is a foil lettering that works like tackle twill, without the weight.  It sits smoothly against the back without feeling weighted on such a light jacket. 
                In dance tops, I liked the full sequin lettering on the “dance” v-neck.  It actually laid out flatter than I had expected and really stood out in the mix of tops.  There is also a photo of the “rhythm” dance top and another foil top which would be awesome for fall, marking times, or under jackets. 
                If sweatshirts are more your thing, there is a new “off the shoulder” look which is also showing the foil screen print that is now available.  I haven’t seen that kind of print anywhere else, and looking at it up close it seemed stronger and less likely to crack and chip than some of the traditional screen printing. 
                Sequin lettering on jackets looked awesome in person.  I tried to take a photo of the black hologram sequins, they were surprising and rich looking in person (I had thought they would blend too much) but I was caught by how dramatic black sequins turned out to be.  Also see the example of sequin lettering up close, there were many levels of detail possible, this one was a thin line that added punch to tackle twill without being overwhelming. 
                That’s all for now!  I’ve included Jessica’s contact info below. 


  1. Thanks for Posting!
    feel free to email me at jessica.housh@igtm.com for price quotes and more information!

  2. GTM Sportswear says:

    We enjoyed your post so much we linked to it on our Facebook page. Feel free to check us out on Facebook!! Thanks, Coach Erin!

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