The National Dance Team Coaches Association (NDCA) is an organization of dance team coaches across the country from High School, College, and All-Star programs. The NDCA is welcoming new members from all levels and organizations at their website: NDCA. As your district 5 representative (for Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Missouri high schools) I am your ambassador to the organization and the amazing networking and learning opportunities the NDCA provides

What does the NDCA do?

The NDCA is a platform to connect, learn, support each other and build a national presence representing the needs of dance team coaches specifically.

How do I get involved?

Join us! Membership is only the first step. Consider joining in the fun and learning at the national conference each year. In 2020, we’ll be in Nashville to learn from the best in the industry, meet others, and celebrate all things dance team. Register for conference 2020 here.

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